Closed Circuit television (CCTV) technology for monitoring and security purposes is older than 60 years and the first camera was installed in the USA in 1940s.

       Since then there had been an exponential growth in the related technology including the type of cameras used and collection of data and transmission of it.
       Meanwhile, there has been a serious concern of the growing insecurity of the industrial and commercial enterprises right across the world.

       Due to these reasons, establishments find it as an essential investment when it comes to the installation of security systems. In fact, today, a substantial proportion of the medium to small industries also routinely install security systems in their business premises.

       On the other hand, in Srilanka, an increasing number of householders prefer to install security systems, since it is now a relatively inexpensive way to ward of unexpected intruders.

CK Engineers Ltd is one of the oldest companies involved in providing complete security systems for any application. We incorporate most modern, advanced systems and equipment available in the region.
We install systems that are Internet compatible and could be monitored from your office, home or any other place you routinely occupy.
Our Engineers can study your business premises and advise you on the critical areas that need round the clock monitoring.
It is our experience that the industrial and commercial organizations know their security requirements and the available technology. However, shop owners and householders are quite unaware of the inexpensive security systems that suit them.

Example 1      Shops
Shop owners usually use padlock after padlock to secure their premises. However, if a burglar manages to break in some way, the owners are not aware until they visit the premises in the morning. As you can imagine this is not a satisfactory situation.
However, with our security system we can alert you long before an intruder actually breaks in.
You could be sleeping at home, yet, if an intruder tries to enter your business premises, our alarm system alerts you immediately.

Example 2      Houses
Our Engineers can install a security system to cover all your doors and windows of your house during day time or at night. All you have to do is to shut all windows and doors and switch on the security system.
If an intruder just appears during the night at a window or a door, our security system alerts you with an internal alarm. Furthermore, you can, if the need arises, to change the internal alarm to an external sound that the intruder himself hears making him to abandon whatever he was doing.
In fact, with our light sensitive security systems, we can cover your gate and the garden so that, if an intruder just walks in, there will be an internal alert for you. In other words, nobody can enter your premises without you knowing his presence well before he reaches the doorsteps.

Take another example.
Suppose you have a little baby looked after by a nanny at home. We can provide you with a system that gives you the facility to monitor any part of the house and listen to sounds etc. while you are at work.
Our Engineers are always at hand to study your requirements and provide you with a complete solution covering all aspects of security at a highly competitive cost.

CK Engineering,  is one of the oldest CCTV camera installer in Sri Lanka. We have a highly trained team possessing all expertise needed.
The equipment we use are of high quality that gives long life to our installations.
On the other hand, we provide round the clock trouble shooting and assistance service.
We regard your security concerns are our responsibility, so that you do not have to worry about them at all.
Talk to us between 9am and 5pm during any weekday.
We will come to your premises, assess your requirements and give you a comprehensive analysis and a quotation free of charge.

Our service broadly includes the following specification.

  • CCTV camera(Indoor , outdoor and IP camera) DVR installation.   
  • Complete Video cabling and Network cabling 
  • Total configuration and setting with mobile surveillance( check cctv videos on your Iphone,Tab or any other mobile device with 3G supported)