• Our Technicians

    @ are very experienced and patient
    @ deliver the best solution to your problem in the shortest time
    @ will explain issues in simple terms
    @ are available to you by phone directly - no call centres
    @ have a local workshop for computer / laptop drop offs
    @ work at honest, competitive pricing without surprises; 'no fix - no fee' policy

  • How do we take the stress out

    @ You don't have to wait for a long time
    @ We know what we are doing - confidence that rests on 15 years and thousands of customer experiences
    @ We work at reasonable competitive rates and you always know what you are in for
    @ You can reach the technician directly for follow up without going through call centres
    @ In all matters regarding your personal files and data we adhere to strict privacy principles

  • Common Repairs

    • No Boot
    • Blue Screen Errors
    • Operating System Problems
    • Driver Problems
    • Keyboard Problems
    • Wireless
    • Memory
    • Hard Drive
    • Overheating
    • Bios Upgrades
    • Running Slow
    • LCD Screen Repair
    • Data Recovery
    • Power Supply Repair
    • Windows not detecting hard drive

We are Specialized...

  • Specialized Motherboard repair from Chip Level

    In the olden days, most of the laptop owners when the motherboards were faulty, they used to throw them away. Well, they were the ones who did not know us. At Ck Engineering, we used to repair the motherboards and get them going even over 15 years ago. Such was our experience and expertise in this field even then.

  • Energy Saving Unit [ESU]

    The aim of the Energy Saving Unit is to gain maximum utilization of power supplied to an electrically operated device. This is achieved through a cleverly designed device that can vastly improve on the “Power Factor Error”, which is inherent in any electrically operated system. This unit is called by our Engineers as the Energy Saving Unit.

  • Closed Circuit television (CCTV) technology for monitoring and security

    CK Engineers Ltd is one of the oldest companies involved in providing complete security systems for any application. We incorporate most modern, advanced systems and equipment available in the region.
    We install systems that are Internet compatible and could be monitored from your office, home or any other place you routinely occupy.

  • Television, Plasma, LCD, LED, Home Theatre and Projector repair service

    CK digital television service prides its self on quality repairs of leading brands of Televisions and entertainment products,